Thursday, June 5, 2014

Review: Maybelline Colour Elixir

Let me explain why you need these babies in your lives.

After the much-heard hype of these lip-glosses, I decided to see what the commotion was all about. I am not a lip-gloss lover, since I prefer having just a sweep of colour all over my lips instead of fussing over the stickiness and shiny-ness of a gloss. BUT to my surprise, I really enjoyed how hydrating and soft they made my lips feel.

That being said, the coloured gloss does initially go on the lips in an uneven manner and I do find myself perfecting the colour till I get the desired opaqueness. I would definitely recommend this product for dry lips, the gloss helped sooth my chapped lips and made them look healthy and kissable. *wink wink*

It has a pleasant smell to it but doesn’t have a yummy taste like all other signature Maybelline lip products. That works in my favour, because I am not too tempted to lick it all off. The lasting powder of this gloss is pretty standard, hence it lasts a good two to three hours without budging.

Shade 060 - Nude Illusion
Shade 065 - Caramel Infused

Shade 025 - Mauve Mystique
Shade 075 - Fuchsia Flourish
Shade 015 - Mandarin Rapture

Priced at CAD $8.96, it is definitely affordable and also offers a wide range of colour selection. Let me just put it this way: GO AND BUY IT.

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